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“Your Real Legacy is What You Give the World, Not What You Leave it.”

~ Philip McKernan

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador of Believe in YOUTH?

As you may be aware, we’re attempting to save 20 young girls and give them a home through our GoFundMe campaign.

While we’ve already made great financial strides, we’re always open to people who are interested in helping above-and-beyond donating money.

Here are just some of the creative ways Ambassadors have decided to pitch in and support this cause:

  • Maddi (Age 8) donated the proceeds from recent sale at her lemonade stand
  • Raul is selling inspirational t-shirts and donating the proceeds, and also creating a local cycling and running fundraiser event
  • Michelle is donating $50 per photoshoot that she does
  • Lorri is donating $15 for every new client consultation she holds
  • Julie is donating the proceeds from her new book launch campaign
  • Mitch is reaching out to corporations with an invitation to sponsor this fundraiser

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer Ambassador for Believe in YOUTH and helping us save these children, simply email us and let us know.

We’re looking forward to working with you to reach our goal, and save these children!

Believe in YOUTH
Philip McKernan