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“Your Real Legacy is What You Give the World, Not What You Leave it.”

~ Philip McKernan

It is often suggested that when you give you receive ten fold. While it’s hard to quantify if this in entirely true, you can see the proof in general terms when you examine the lives of those who give of themselves without any thoughts of personal gains. When you meet these kind souls, you know you’re in the company of a truly wealthy person.

Philip McKernan’s first experience of working with orphans in Sri Lanka years ago woke something inside of him and impacted his life in such a powerful way, that it inspired his lifelong journey of giving back. Since Philip’s Sri Lanka experience, he has created and run retreats focused on giving, in which groups of amazing souls travel to Peru, Guatemala, and India to work with orphans and destitute elderly people in need.

Believe in YOUTH originally started as a school workshop that Philip developed and facilitated where 100% of the proceeds went directly towards a youth project of the student’s choosing, thus exposing them directly to the concept contribution at an early age. These hands-on workshops were designed to inspire and grow the foundational skills of confidence and self esteem in our youth.

Now, Believe in YOUTH has turned a new chapter, expanded its efforts, and is working to develop and build a fully-sustainable orphanage in Peru, which will be able to offer a safe and loving home to nearly 100 children in need.

A Philip McKernan Initiative